Quality Assurance and Peer Review

Having performed both building and bridge structural engineering design work across the State of Texas, PESC is familiar with federal, state, and local codes and requirements.  This knowledge has proven valuable as we offer our clients not only design but also independent Quality Assurance and Peer Review services.

Loop 1604 Western Extension – Quality Assurance – San Antonio, TX
In this Design-Build effort, approximately 12mi of Loop 1604 in NW San Antonio (between Wiseman Blvd and Bandera Rd) was improved by converting the 4-lane section to non-tolled freeway section.  Grade separations were added at SH 151, Shaenfield Road, New Gilbeau Rd and Braun Rd.  Mainlane and FR bridges at Helotes Creek and the S-E DC at SH 151 were also constructed.  PESC’s senior engineers served as the structural Design Quality Assurance team for the contractor, reviewing design submittals for the bridges, retaining walls, culverts, and sign structures in accordance with the QMP and DQMP.

US 281 North / Loop 1604 Interchange – Quality Assurance – San Antonio, TX
This $140M Design-Build project, the first executed by the Alamo Regional Mobility Authority, is the first five-level interchange in San Antonio.  The project includes nine bridges (four direct connectors on the south side of the interchange, widenings of creek crossings and overpasses, and two pedestrian bridges). As a subconsultant to the Design Quality Assurance Firm (DQAF), PESC developed and maintained the Structural Quality Assurance checklists used in Audits.  QA audits that we performed covered plan review, calculation review, and supporting document review.  Audits were conducted at various phases to accommodate the construction schedule (Early Release Plans, Early start of construction, etc.). PESC provided QA services for all structures on the project: bridges, drainage structures, sound walls, overhead signs and other miscellaneous structures.  Bridge superstructures are precast concrete girder units as well as single and continuous curved steel plate girder spans.  Substructures are reinforced concrete hammerhead and multicolumn bents, post-tensioned concrete and steel box straddle bents supported on monoshafts and multi-shaft footings.  Completed 2013.

SH 45 SE Toll Project – Structural Quality Review Services – Austin, TX
The SH 45 SE Design-Build Project consisted of approximately 7.4 miles of tolled highway, with 25 bridges, including 3 Direct Connectors at the SH 45 SE / IH 35 interchange.  PESC, as a subconsultant to the Professional Services Quality Review Firm (PSQRF), provided senior structural engineers with minimum 10yrs experience for QR services for 25 bridge structures and Toll Facilities.  Services included reviewing drawings at 30/65/100%, preparing comment logs, reviewing design calculations, and independent design of select elements.

Aircraft Maintenance Liner System – Independent Engineering – Military Application
PESC provided Structural engineering peer review, independent analysis and design check of an Aircraft Maintenance Liner system which was designed and fabricated by the client for use by the US Army.  The system is a fabric enclosure supported on a moveable frame that is suspended in an Aviation Inflatable Maintenance Shelter.  We performed an analysis of the frame with respect to the structural integrity of the design and the robustness of the hoisting and suspension systems.  The analysis covered the aluminum frame, hoists, stainless steel cables, pulleys, fasteners, connectors and all hardware associated with the Aircraft Maintenance Liner System. PESC prepared a report that documented our analysis and recommended design modifications to ensure an appropriate safety factor for personnel during operation of the system.  Completed 2014.

IH 30, IH 35E and Horseshoe VAB Towers – Structural Review – Dallas, TX
PESC provided independent structural engineering drawing review and analysis services for the structural components that support the Vehicle Arresting Barrier (VAB) systems to be installed at 16 locations on the TxDOT IH 30 Managed Lanes, IH 35E and Horseshoe projects.  We performed analysis and design calculations of steel towers and cross ramps in accordance with current AASHTO Specifications to confirm the adequacy of the structures under code prescribed loads, as well as loads imparted by the proprietary impact absorption system (consisting of net and energy absorber assemblies).  Structural deficiencies identified through our analysis and detailing errors discovered in the drawing review were communicated to the Client.

ABIA Upper Level Embankment Repairs – QC Review – Austin, TX
In an early phase of the project, PESC investigated the deteriorating conditions of the Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) retaining walls and approach slabs at the east and west approaches to the airport terminal.  We performed a structural evaluation of the existing elements and prepared a report summarizing our observations, potential sources of distress, and general recommendations for remedial repair measures. In the design phase of the project PESC serves as the Structural QC Engineer, reviewing drawings, specifications and calculations for the soil nail and thru-tie anchor retrofits of the MSE walls.

TxDOT TTA Energy Sector D-B – Independent Engineering
The Energy Sector Design-Build Project includes work on 31 roadways in 4 TxDOT Districts (Corpus Christi, Yoakum, Laredo and San Antonio).  Roadway work involved widening, reconstruction, rehabilitation, restoration and/or resurfacing.  PESC’s senior engineers are providing independent quality review and assurance services in accordance with the Quality Management Plan (QMP) and the Design Quality Management Plan (DQMP) for bridge, culvert, retaining wall and miscellaneous structures.  Services include reviewing shop drawings; reviewing design calculations and drawings for field changes, correcting errors in the field or for repairs to damaged elements; performing independent design calculations for verification; providing and resolving comments.